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Wonder Woman Volume 1: Blood

Wonder Woman Volume 1: Blood

As part of the DC relaunch, a new series of Wonder Woman is produced. However, the series will be very irregular in Germany. So far only two volumes have been published which contain the first twelve issues. Blood is the first paperback and contains the first six US books about amazone Diana and her new adventure that will lead them deep into the hell of Hades. A man with jet-black skin is on the terrace of a skyscraper in Singapore and is celebrating a small private ceremony with a few young ladies. This is to Apollo. He says of himself that he is the son of a king. As one of the women says that you can see from the high house for miles, he touches her on the shoulder and says that you can even see as far as you want.
On a small farm in Virginia a figure in a cloak of feathers appears in a stable, and it strikes the resting horses heads. The house appears in another figure. A man with a rather gray skin and black eyes. He tells the owner Zola that they must get out of here, because someone has targeted her child. The young woman Zola is not really intimidated and aims her shotgun at the intruder in her living room. The man pushes Zola away from the door, and thereby shot by a giant arrow. The arrow is followed by two centaurs who are trying to kill Zola, but just before the sword of the centaur touched Zola, the stranger throws a key to Zola to teleport herself henceforth.
She founds herself in the room of a black-haired woman. She finds out quickly that it is the room of Wonder Woman and she is in London. Wonder Woman takes the key and teleports herself and Zola back to Virginia. There she meets the two centaurs and can even cut off one of the centaur's arms. They don't manage to get Zola and so they flee. The stranger comes out of the apartment and is still wounded by hits from the arrow. Diana recognizes the injured immediately, it is Hermes, messenger of the gods. Hermes tells Zola why she was attacked. She is pregnant, and of none other than Zeus himself. In Singapore, the pitch-black man in a suit has transformed the three women in a kind of oracle. They prophesy to him that a child of Zeus will kill one of the well-known deities, but also that the child does not yet exist. He gets up and flies away, the three oracles women go up in flames and burn. Inside the olymp Hera, Zeus actual wife, is watching how Wonder Woman was able to save pregnant Zola and Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Their plan to kill Zola didn't work. Her daughter Strife appears. With its slightly lavender skin she doesn't look like her normal looking mother. The two talk about the love affairs of Zeus. It's not the first time that Zeus generated a baby out of wedlock and cheated on Hera. She swears revenge. Diana returns with Zola and a wounded Hermes to Paradise Island, home of the amazons. In the forest it is received by the rest of the warriors and their mother Queen Hippolyta. Diana and her mother discuss the current situation and Diana says that she is not on the side of Zeus only because he protects Zola, nor that they will be on Hera's side.
While recovering, Hermes speaks with Zola about Zeus. He wants to know what form it has taken to bring around Zola. She cannot remember however if it was a truck driver, pool boy or a musician. Zola reveals that Diana is not like the other amazons. Hermes tells her that the legend has it that Hippolyta was infertile, and they formed a baby out of clay and asked for a miracle. The next morning, a living girl was lying next to her in the sand. Diana fights with another amazon in a contest. Hippolyta looks at the competition, but looks worried. She fears that Hera will come and take revenge because Zeus' unborn bastard is on paradise island. Suddenly there is an explosion and Strife appears in giant size. The amazons fight everything they see, but do not realize that they slaughter themselves under Strife's spell. Only Diana falls on this and stops the fighting. Strife reveals to Diana that they are sisters, both children of Zeus. They work on preparing the burial of the dead. One or two amazons blame Wonder Woman for the dead, because she has brought Zola onto the island. They derogatory call them "clay". Hippolypta tells Diana and the other of Zeus. But she doesn't want to explain how the matter between the two began, but the story ends in a short affair of the two in which Diana was begotten. Diana feels betrayed by her mother and takes full wrath to the burial. Some are at Diana and the Queen. Diana rebukes them and puts the coffins in flames as required by the ritual. Then Diana leaves the paradise island.
The pitch-black Apollo meets his brother, the old (normal) man Ares, the god of war, always staying close to war, riots and assassinations. The two philosophize about the war and humanity. Diana is back in London. She attendeds a rock concert together with Hermes and Zola. Suddenly Strife appears in the audience. Strife provokes Diana and want to toast on their family, since there are some in the family whio are against Diana and some who hate her.
Hera goes to Paradise Island in order to talk to Hippolyta.
Strife also provokes Hermes. Jokingly she says that she could cut out the child from Zola. Diana immediately takes her new friend to the side and puts a broken champagne glass in the back of their Strife's hand. Strife leaves the bar angrily and Diana predicts that she will soon be begging for her help. On paradise island there's the confrontation of Hera and Hippolyta. The Queen of the Amazons retains its warriors and wants to talk to Hera. But she pretty pissed and wants to slayHippolyta, who asks for forgiveness, but keeps she stops and kneels before Hippolyta. She whispers in her ear that she also wishes that she could forgive her. After a conversation with Zola about their life and what home means to them, Diana returns to paradise island with Hermes' key. It seems rather abandoned. The square in the middle of the city, where shortly before warriors were standing around the scene between Hera and her Queen, is now full of snakes. In its emitter Hippoylta is pleading. She was transformed into clay. Ares brother Apollo reveals to him that her father Zeus is gone and his oracle had told him that Zeus would not even exist. Apollo wants to take control of Olympus and climb Zeus' throne. Ares promises him that he will not stand in the way of Apollo. A ship worker finds a dead seahorse in London's river Thames. Diana sits with Hermes and Zola at an outdoor cafe. Suddenly a blond man in a brown trench coat appears and boldly sits next them. He does not cease to rely on Diana's request to leave the table and said that he knew two of them. Lennox, his name, knows of Zola's pregnancy, Diana's origin and the fact that Zeus is gone at the moment. He also tells them that Diana's brother Apollo wants to climb the throne. Furthermore, it turns out that Lennox is a son of Zeus. Lennox and Hermes stand in front of the entrance to London's sewers. Hermes says that he will not go in there because he can already barely walk anyway. Diana and Zola, meanwhile, are on the Tower Bridge and wait. Lennox told them that something will happen. And that's the case! From the Thames sea horses arise. They are followed by Poseidon, a giant sea monster, and he wants to pass on Wonder Woman, but she is blocking his way. Meanwhile Lennox is fighting a three-headed dog who is owned by none other than Hades, god of the underworld. Hades is not very large and on his head there are many burning candles, the wax covering half his head. Eyes can not be found.
On the Thames Diana is fighting with Poseidon at the moment. Diana tells Poseidon that Hera now can take the throne and would certainly never kneel to Poseidon, who could also make a claim to the throne. Diana suggests jim a deal with Hades, which is also the reason why Lennox is with him.
Diana is interrupted by the two centaurs who want to get to Zola. She manages to scare them again and save Zola.
Poseidon and Hades now meet. Diana's suggestion is to split the sky. In the morning the sea rules, in the evening the shadows, and Hera is queen. Just at that moment Hera appears and she does not think much of this plan. Lennox tears off one of the candles from Hades' head and throws it to Diana. Diana teleports herself away with the help of Caduceus. She dives behind Hera again and throws Hades' candle to her, after which there is an explosion. Hera and Diana both are in Olympus at once. But Diana disappears right away and reappears at the others. It is learned that Lennox is somehow made of stone, since he has not received any damage from the explosion. Poseidon and Hades recognize that this plan was only made for it to dazzle Hera which Poseidon finds pretty amusing. At the entrance to Hades at once Zola's dead motherappears. As Zola comes closer to her she turns out to be an illusion of Hades, who takes her into the underworld with him. He is angry because he can not rule. Diana had to remember their deal, otherwise he would kill Zola. The first volume of Wonder Woman is full of action. However, the plot is not so easy to understand, you have to read in more detail, especially at the end of the story, when multiple threads become entangled in each other. Otherwise “blood” is really more than entertaining. The relaunch can also be recommended to those not familiar with Wonder Woman. Particularly due to the Tony Akins' uniqe style of drawing Wonder Woman is pretty well staged. In addition, the amazon scores with its more than sympathetic charcter. One can already be very excited about the further adventures of Diana aka Wonder Woman.

Text © by Sebastian Berning and Heiko Eschenbach