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Flash Volume 4: How it all began

Flash Volume 4: How it all began

(2013) In the recent anthology "The Rogues" Flash had to stand against Captain Cold and his criminal gang. But suddenly gorillias appeared in Central City. King Gorilla Grodd wants to take Flash's forces away, because he believes in an ancient prophecy that says that he should possess the power of lightning. Volume 4 of flash now tells how the struggle against King Gorilla Grodd and his army continues.

But first and foremost issue number 0 presents the initial output of Barry Allen as Flash. Five years ago the police researcher Barry Allen sits in his office . He is still working on the murder case of his mother, who was murdered when he was a child . It was his father 's fault , even if Barry does not want to believe this and so has dedicated his life to fighting crime . Because he does not get further with his research , he throws his machines out the window out of anger. But just at that moment a flash hits into the hole and burns Barry . In addition, he is bombarded with chemicals. However, his wounds heal remarkably quickly in the hospital and everyone wonders that he has survived at all . In his coma , he thinks back to his mother and how she encouraged him to go to the spelling competition . Between his parents there is a crisis . She seems to want the divorce because she is having an affair , but Barry's father does not want her to go. Barry comes back from the competition where he took the first place. His parents want to talk, his mother sends him off to buy a comic book as a reward. When he comes back, the police stands in front of his house and carries off his father. Barry does not want to believe that his mother is dead, and runs into the house and sees his slain mother's body.
Barry gets into the custody of Officer Darryl Frye, who apparently knew Barry's mother Nora better. Darryl brings up the boy because his father is sentenced as guilty and goes to jail.
In this moment, Barry wakes up from his coma and just runs. He doesn't stop until suddenly he is in the middle of Africa. Here Barry discovers the power to run pretty fast, almost as fast as light.
Three weeks later, Barry and Darryl sit on a park bench and talk about Darryl's promotion to become captain. Also, they talk about how Darryl sees it as his duty to protect Central City, as the city is his home, not only the house in which he resides.
These words have impact on Barry and he designs a costume to fight crime in Central City and the neighboring town of Keystone with his new powers. He quickly captures the first criminals, including two bank robbers. One of them he sees again when he visits his father in prison and tells him that he wants to continue to fight for it to prove his innocence. The bank robber wants to break away from the police, but Barry can provide it. His father is likely to break out in the unrest, also because the door to freedom is open for a moment, but Barry keeps him from doing it. Once again, he promises his father that he wants to prove his innocence, but he must be patient. Back in the here and now golden capsules, called pods, impact in Central City. Out of them new monkey from King Grodd appear. Patty runs into Darryl's office who was once again dealing with the case of the dead believed to Barry Allen. She appears along withTurbine the pilot from the Second World War Flash found in the Speed Force. Turbine claims that Barry would still be alive, but she had to help him. Flash and the Rogues are the first to encounter the gorillas. Flash is out of action, but iWeather Lizzard wakes him up with a little lightning from his staff. The Rogues want to getaway from the field, because they think that the gorillas only want Flash. But they quickly realize that the gorillas are also behind them and other people here. So the two parties must unite to fight Grodd. King Grodd keeps himself in the background firts and lets his soldiers do the dirty work. A boy from the desert appears from between the two cities and holds out his hand. Grodd simply rips the teenager's entire forearm, because he didn't need help from anyone.
In the city Daniel West, the brother of Iris West, who is still trapped in the Speed Force, runs away from the gorillas. Daniel, coming straight out of jail, tried to make contact to his sister all the time , but ishe doesn't answer her phone calls.
Flash and the Rogues are still fighting against the countless gorilla soldiers. Flash now knows that he must face Grodd, so the fight comes to an end. Thus, the red flash ran through the streets of Central City as he opens a portal in front of the Speed Force and King Grodd, enhanced by the Speed Force stands in his way. In the police headquarters golden gorilla balls crash. Turbine promises Patty that he will help her find Barry Allen when she helps him beforehand to find someone else.
the monkeys have taken control of the football stadium, With the help of a machine that is operated by one of the elders, Central City looks like a radioactive crater from the outside. The elder needs more people's brains to suck for his mental machine. Thus gorillas get into the city to collect people.
In combat Rogues get to work together and realize that they must make a plan to save their town. Flash's chances are not that good. At least measured on how his struggle against King Grodd has been so far.
Patty and turbine are in a zoo and are lead by a monkey. He can speak and introduces himself as Solovar. Along with the two people Solovar travels through the Speed Force and has to watch Grodd beating the red flash. HE strikes so hard that he even breaks the otherwise indestructible mask of Flash and reveales his face. With a torn out stop sign Grodd wants tostab through Flash's chest and Patty must watch as her friend Barry, she now knows is Flash, is perhaps killed by the monkeys. At the last second, however, Solovar rises before Barry and is stabbed instead. Shortly after he has killed Solovar the Speed Force leaves Grodd. It is thus not nearly as strong and fast as a few moments ago. He disappears to recharge.
Barry is in a hospital, around him are Patty and his foster father Darryl. In a coma, he goes through the possible future paths. Each scenario ends in death and failure. He knows exactly what he has to do: He has to deliver King Grodd. In the moment when he sums up this thought, he awakens from his coma. In a flashback, a meeting between Barry Allen and Iris West is shown from five years ago. Barry seems to have a crush on Iris, but realizes pretty quickly that she also wants information on ther brother's case Sour leaves Barry's date and doesn't believes Iris when she says that it is not just about that.
Flash rushes to Dr. Elias lab where he exposes himself to the gorillas.
In Central City the Rogues fight together against the Gorillas. With the help of huge walls of ice and their powers they try their utmost to stop the monkeys. Mirror Master expected that his comrades in his mirror world, in which he is stuck himself, attract the monkeys. In fact, they manage to convey buses with monkeys and humans to the mirror world.
Five years ago, Iris West was in Iron Heights prison after the failed date with her brother. Daniel accuses her that she could not manipulate Barry and realizes that she would not have been able to because of their feelings. Now Iris must prevail against mammoths in the Speed Force with other stranded ones. With the help of a tank they try to protect themselves. They noted that the mammoth starts to shine funny. Grodd wants to kill Flash when he kneels before him in chains. When Grodd raises his blocking, Flash opens the Speed Force for the final fight between the two. Flash realizes that something is approaching from behind: It's the tank that was trapped in the Speed Force. Out of it creeps Iris West.to Flash's astonishment King Grodd wants to first take Iris West and her group. Flash stands in between. By Grodds impact his costume breaks again, but only briefly, because it restores the Speed Force itself because the Speed Force is the territory of Flash. Between the two there is a hard fight.
In the football stadium the people rise up against the gorillas and fight them. where they can not hope For help from the military or someone else. Central City for the soldiers still looks like the battlefield of nuclear war. They manages the stadium to win back and so the engine of the oldest is useless, but he's only happy about his freedom. Only when the illusion of Central City no longer exists, the military intervenes. On their escape the fleeing gorillas discover Solovar and put him into one of their golden pods. They feel abandoned and betrayed by King Grodd. During the Battle of Grodd and Flash in the Speed Force wild mammoth appears and heads for Iris. Flash manages to safe her. Instead, King Grodd is taken away himself. Together with the tank, the group and Iris Flash Speed leaves the Speed Force and lands right in the stadium. Turbine is in the mirror world, where Mirror Master shows him an image of his dead wife and daughter . The Rogues seem to want to include Turbine, but want to discuss everything under Lisa's leadership, Dr. Elias goes through his ruined lab and wants revenge on Flash. Patty Barry is pleased to see Barry again, but this looks after Iris West as Patty falls around his neck and is happy to see her boyfriend unscathed again. 30 days later, something emerges from Speed Force, it is Reverse Flash.

With Reverse Flash one of Flash's most cunning foes from the old DC Comics will now also brought into the new universe of the New 52nd. So we can look forward to Volume 5, which will be released on December 3rd. By the occurrence of reverse flash the already exciting adventures of Flash will certainly get even better. Flash Volume 4 is more than a good story, but rather acts as a switch for later adventures. You do not know what will become of Turbine and the Rogues. Solovar could well become the new ruler of the monkeys and Elijah swears revenge. There is still a lot to us!

Text © by Sebastian Berning
Traducción del Alemán: Heiko Eschenbach